Acalypha Indica



< Morning
< Night (cough


-The patient has despair; unwilling, to die, in hemoptysis.

-Gloomy but unwilling to die.

Guiding Symptoms:

-Incipient phthisis, hard racking cough, bloody expectoration.

-Arterial hemorrhage but no febrile disturbance.

-Very weak in the morning, gains strength during the day.

-Progressive emaciation.

-Burning in pharynx, stomach, and intestine.

-Respiratory system-Cough-dry, hard followed by hemoptysis < morning and night

-The dullness of chest on percussion.

-Constant severe pain in the chest.

-Hemoptysis-Blood bright red and not profuse in the morning but dark and clotted in afternoon and evening.

-G.I.T-Spluttering diarrhea and forcible expulsion of noisy flatus, bearing down pains and tenesmus.

-Skin-Itching and circumscribed furuncle like swellings.


Chief Symptom:

Hemoptysis of bright red blood in the morning and dark and clotted in the afternoon and evening

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6C, 9C, 12C, 30C, 200c, 1M, 10M

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2Dram (Pills), 4Dram (Pills), 15Grams (Pills), 25Grams(Pills), 50Grams(Pills), 100Grams(Pills), 15ML (Liquid/Drops), 25ML (Liquid/Drops), 50ML (Liquid/Drops), 100ML (Liquid/Drops), 50ML spray (Liquid/Drops), 100ML spray(Liquid/Drops)


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