Angel’s Homeopathy Dispensary is an Online Pharmacy

We are a dedicated supplier of medicinal herbs, homeopathic remedies and biochemical compounds since many decades.We also specialize in the provision of single homeopathic remedies, veterinary homeopathic remedies and specialized homeopathic first aid kits for the public.

Our extensive range of dry herbs, herbal extracts, and homeopathic medicines has supported practitioners and the public for generations.

We are one of the few and leading online dispensaries in Brisbane, Australia which has the range of single and compounding pharmacy preparations and also custom-made formulations to meet the individual needs of our customers and prescribers for specific pharmaceutical products.

Our prime focus is to provide a one-stop shop for homeopathy medicines and products along with other natural products to customers worldwide. Our dedicated team of qualified homeopathy practitioners can also provide current information about modern and alternative treatments and advice about the products depending on the customer’s needs on a personal level.

Our History & Future Vision

Dr. Hridayanarayan Mishra, a qualified homeopath from India, established his original pharmacy Sudhir’s Clinic in Mumbai, in 1970. The Pharmacy was set up as a clinical pharmacy with an entire level dedicated to the compounding and preparation of traditional herbal and homeopathic remedies.

After completing his medical graduation, Dr. Mishra had a unique vision for the future of his establishment. He combined modern pharmacy science with homeopathy and medicinal herbalism and established a tradition of balanced care that has now been serving the public for more than 50 years. His vision and passion have helped us to take Angel’s Homeopathy dispensary and Pharmacy to an international level as the trusted source for traditional medicines and is still cherished and practiced today. Dr. Hridaynarayan Mishra is followed into the homeopathy by his daughter Priyanka Mishra, and then by his Son-in-Law Amit Mishra, both a qualified Homeopath from India. In 2014, Angel’s Homeopathy Pharmacy opened as an exclusive online pharmacy.

Currently, Angel’s Homeopathy is owned by Amit Mishra, a qualified homeopathy practitioner and registered with AROH. He brings remarkable knowledge and ongoing interest in the advances in pharmacy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy, coupled with genuine compassion and desire to help people regain their health. He dedicates most of his time giving free consultations to all those in need of advice and is well respected in his professional circle as wee as by many customers of our pharmacy.

To keep the legacy and ensure professional service of the highest standards, all the homeopathy medicines are prepared by a qualified and experienced homeopath.

Our practitioners also provide professional homeopathy consultations by appointment either in person or via telephone or video consultations. Free of charge primary consultations for up to 10 minutes are also available; please call to arrange the time, as there is high demand for their time and advice.