Aceticum Acidum


Ailments from:

Anesthetic vapors, fumes of charcoal and gas.

-Stings and bites (Led).

-Surgical injuries, surgical shock.

-Sausage poisoning.


< Cold air
< Wet
< Checked secretions
< Fog
< Night
> Motion
> Loose stools


Ailments from shock, excitement.

-Anxiety and fear, driving him from place to place, in dyspnea, in liver complaints.

-Irritability with headache and abdomen and liver complaints.

-Lamenting, wailing with delirium, with swelling of the abdomen.

-Hysteria; crawling and rolling on the floor.

-Grieves about sickness and children. Worried about business.

-Forgetful about what recently happened does not know her own children.

Guiding Symptoms:

Constitution-Suited to pale, lean persons with lax flabby muscles, face pale, waxy (Ferr).

-Who has inherited phthisis and suffer from chronic weakness, anemia, and emaciation.

-Hemorrhagic diathesis.

-Marasmus and other wasting diseases of children (Abrot, Iod, Sanic, Tub) emaciation of face, hands, thighs (Nash).

-Great prostration after injuries, after surgical shock, after anesthetics.

-Burning thirst, insatiable, even for large quantities, but no thirst in fever.

-Profound anemia with the waxy pallor of the face.

-Hemorrhage from all orifices.

-Excessive wasting and debility.

-Mouth-Profuse salivation day and night.

-Stomach-Great thirst with dropsy but not in fever.

-Cancer of the stomach, peptic ulcer, intestinal tuberculosis, where there is vomiting after every kind of food.

-Vomiting after anesthetics.

-Cannot tolerate cold drinks, vegetables except potato, bread, and butter.

-Violent burning pain followed by coldness of the skin, cold sweat on forehead.

-Sleep-Cannot sleep lying on the back (Sleeps better on back-Ars).

-The sensation of sinking in the abdomen causing dyspnea, better lying on belly.

-Fever-Hectic fever, drenching night sweats, sweat profuse and cold, otherwise skin dry and hot.

-Red spot on the left cheek.

-No thirst during fever.

Chief Symptom:

  1. Great prostration after surgical injuries, after anesthetic.

    2. Cannot sleep on back, rests better lying on belly (Am-c).

    3. Red spot on the left cheek in fever, drenching cold night sweat.

    4. No thirst during fever.

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